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Waking up in the morning feeling excited and inspired!

ü Knowing your true value and your importance!

ü Having lovinginspiring and fun relationships!

ü Being grounded and calm, with clear and focused thinking!
Speaking with confidence and moving with ease!

üKnowing you are creative and talented with unique gifts!
ü Having guidance and support you can always depend on!
üBeing connected to a deep level of Self Love and Divine Love!

Discovering your place of belonging in the world!

Your Body Mind Matters: The resource you need for the life you want!

The Story of Your Life is written by your experiences, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. You have thoughts and feeling about your experiences that form your beliefs and guide the actions you take. The actions you take form new experiences and the cycle continues.

You were born, as we all were, with your unique spirit and innocence. As a young child you were completely open, taking in and taking on the stories of those around you. You didn't have a choice because young children don't have the ability to filter out unwanted information. Everything goes in and beliefs about who you are, who others are and how the world works, are formed. The story of the life you've been living has been greatly influenced by the story others told you based on their experiences and beliefs about the story of their life! A template based upon your unique spirit, your experiences and beliefs, was created. As you grow and mature, you develop a filter that only lets into your consciousness, the experiences that match that template! We then continue to gather evidence that supports what we already believe about ourselves and others. That's one of the reasons we find ourselves repeating familiar patterns.

This template and filter can block the immutable truth of who you really are. The template and filter can block:
  • Your spirit of greater peace, joy and aliveness.
  • The unique talents and gifts you were born with.
  • The seeds of your desires: what you love, what gives you pleasure, satisfaction, and security.

The template and filter determines both what comes in and what goes out. The template and filter only let in what matches the old story and doesn't allow out all who you truly are.

As an adult, there is very good news! You can now "right" the story of your life and you can write a new story, the story of who you truly are! The story that's just been waiting for you to uncover! It's really been there all along held within your bodymind. This is why your BodyMind Matters! Your BodyMind "Matters" because it is your reliable resource for how to "right" and Write Your Own Story.
Your BodyMind Matters because it:

  • Answers the question, "What's the matter?" Your bodymind gives you reliable guidance, answers and solutions.
  • Contains holdings from the old story that need releasing.
  • Helps locate and loosen the grip of fear, doubt, worry, blame and shame so they can release.
  • Contains the material you need, to write your new story.
  • Is matter: the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual essence of who you truly are.
  • Holds your DNA, all of your experiences, your deepest desires and your truths, in the matter of your body.
  • Holds this information accurately, because the body can only tell the truth.
  • Is your path to creativity, inspiration and love: the connective tissue to your soul and your soul's purpose.
  • Gives you warmth, support, safety and connection.

Your BodyMind Matters because:

  • It does matter that you experience all the peace, joy and happiness you were meant to feel.
  • It does matter that you have a way of discovering your place of belonging in the world.

Your BodyMind Matters because:


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  • What your BodyMind is.
  • The variety of methods we offer that gives you access to the information you need.
  • To learn about writing your new story. 






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