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I am an ARTbundance™ coach trained by Marney Makritakis‘s in her first training group (2009). As an Artbundance coach I gently guide my clients to explore their creativity as a tool for self discovery and wisdom.

The ARTbundance philosophy is based on the 9 Artbundance Principles (Gratitude, Intuition, Balance, Choice, Vision, Action, Attraction, Connection, and Service). Together, my client and I explore how these principles can bring greater harmony into their life. I use the basic Artbundance tool: the Artsignment™ which are unique creative exercises that tap into a person’s own wise knowing for resolution; direction, and transformation.

Artsignments help my clients’ access wisdom which often resides in the non-language place within them.  Artsignments often take the form of spontaneous drawings, mark making, doodles, scribbles, word play and playful stories.  Anyone can do an Artsignment. They are done with the intention of self discovery and healing rather than as an artist work.

My Artsignments also take the form of doll making.  Centuries of doll makers have known the ancient tradition of healing through the making of figures.  I use this dynamic medium to support my client’s movement toward their goals.  Depending on my client’s interest,  we use simple no sew methods to more involved doll making techniques as we explore their journey through this  creative expression.

FAQ’s, frequently asked questions, about Artbundance Coaching:

What does a typical session look like?
A typical session is over the phone, through skype or in person.  Together we explore what your goals are and what may be your next steps in achieving those goals. As an Artbundance coach, I may suggest one of the Artbundance Principles that we would explore.  I would offer you an artsignment that would be done in the session. The artsignment would assist you in discovering the wisdom that in inside of you that knows what is needed for you to move forward.  You would leave the session with concrete steps to bring into your life.  I might also offer you an artsignment that would be done at home.

How long is a session?
A session generally is one hour however, since everyone is unique and needs vary; the time can be adjusted according to your needs.

Do only artists do Artbundance coaching sessions? Do I need to be able to draw?
Artbundance coaching  is for everyone. No art background or skill is needed to receive the benefits of a coaching session. Artsignments are designed to access the non-verbal, non linear parts of our brain that have great insight and wisdom.  They are spontaneous and quick. You just make marks, scribbles, doodles, collages and words that may pop in, Rather than drawings, I like to call them mark making expressions,. This frees you from getting stuck in the quality of your picture and invites you into the process of creating and discovering.

Can this work be done over the phone or does it have to be in person?
Yes!  Artbundance Coaching is very effective over the phone.

Can Artbundance Coaching be done with a group?
Yes.  Many have found great benefit from sharing the process in a groups and gleaning from the insights and process of others.


To learn more, read this interview with Chris about ARTbundance Coaching.

What led you to become a Certified ARTbundanceTM Coach?
I attended several teleclasses Marney offered and really resonated with her approach and philosophies.  I was in a professional transition in my life and wanted to include more artistic expressions into my work with others. Artbundance coaching was the perfect fit. Marney’s positive attitude and use of artsignments really peaked my interest. I had long believed creativity was a channel for positive change and artsignments do just that

How has your ARTbundanceTM training affected your work and/or life?
I have had years of other kinds of traditional trainings with tight ways of learning and “have tos”. After spending some time with Marney, I was filled with the idea that learning is fun, easy and that by following the “yes “ energy much could be accomplished.

I grew up in a time when intelligence meant how good you were in Math and English and you had to do your homework whether you liked it or not.
In Artbundance training I was able to again be reminded that by connecting to my intuition and creative spirit I could feel the light of my own brilliance. I could trust my own wise muse to discover what “homework” would be the most inspiring and useful for my own growth. And equally as importantly, I could offer that to others

n this training, I learned to create an environment where my clients  can connect with that in them  that is filled  with wonder, curiosity and exploration-all important ingredients for learning and change.  As a newer grandma I am delighted to offer this approach to my sweet little granddaughters and watch their creative spirits flourish.

In your mind, how are creativity and spirituality related?
In the years since becoming an Artbundance coach, I continue to evolve in my beliefs about creativity and spirituality. More accurately I continue to release limiting beliefs that have had these two essential energies separate. . Today I see Creativity is not a destination but rather a path and a choice. I began realizing that I often held creativity as a goal. I had wanted to be an artist for so long so it felt like a goal achieved when I could claim that title for myself.  It continues to grow in me in a deeper place that “creativity” and “artist” is not a destination but a route. And through this portal I can find my own power source within- my spirituality. . Creativity’s anchor would secure me to my inner sense of myself and my Spirit. Now creativity is the always present channel to my own Source.  I consciously intend to collaborate with Spirit in all creative endeavors. This team approach makes all my artistic choices easy and free from the inner critic’s negative bantering.

How is prosperity related to creativity and spirituality?
I grew up with the limiting beliefs that prosperity was only connected to very hard work and sacrifice. Certainly creativity, spirituality and prosperity had nothing to do with each other. What a shift to begin to ease that difficult stance into an attitude that abundance is the Universe’s wish for us. We just have to look at nature to see the abundance and prosperity that Source provides. Today prosperity means a limitless supply of wealth, wellbeing, ideas, health and happiness.  I continue to shift my old scarcity beliefs with Marney’s tutelage.

What kinds of people do you most enjoy working with? Who is your ideal client?
I love working with women who long to connect with their inner artist. Together we discover their creative calling so that they can express their unique vision and voice in their art and in their life. My clients may not have considered themselves as “artists”. Our journey together offers them a way to bring their creative spirit to everyday life. Often art work, poetry or inspired photography emerges as they discover their inner desire to express their inner world with their outer world.

ARTbundanceTM Coaching is based on nine ARTbundanceTM Principles.  Do you have a favorite Principle, or one that you really enjoy activating in other people?  Which one, and why?

All of the nine principles are valuable yet the one that feels foundational is Gratitude.  Research shows that gratitude is the most beneficial state to be in for heart health. 

No matter what is happening in our lives, gratitude is the balm that can help us see the gift in any situation. I see gratitude as a verb. It is an action to move our thoughts toward the good and the light. Gratitude gets easier to achieve with practice and repetition.   Sometimes we don’t believe our”spiritual muscle” is strong enough to meet what is in front of us with gratitude. Yet if we lean into even the smallest aspect that we can see with gratitude and keep “lifting”, like our physical muscles, our gratitude muscles will strengthen.

What does your future hold?  What projects are you working on now?
Since my Artbundance training I have retired from a 30 year profession as a physical therapist to recommit to my creative endeavors. I am thoroughly immersed in creating artdolls I call heArtDoll Blessings. My ooak artdolls are messengers carrying words of inspiration and blessings to others. I sculpt the face and hands from polymer clay. I use quilting techniques for the clothes and embellish with beads and hand sewing. My further exploration into art dolls have led me to more fully realize the power art doll making has and I look forward to helping others discover this too.

Art doll making is a wonderful way to connect with creativity and healing and are powerful artsignments. Clients   can use doll making with a variety of intentions (i.e. a spiritual ritual, a healing act, or to realize a wish or quality they want to own.)  No skill is needed in doll making and I tailor the construction according to the clients abilities from no sew to simple sewing techniques. The process of art doll making is highlighted rather than the finished product though great satisfaction can be achieved at the product too.

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