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HeArtDoll Blessings GiveaWay

Is there someone in your life that is on your mind and heart that needs healing prayers?

You might want to consider the heArtDoll Blessings Give aWay.

HeArtDoll Blessings Give aWay is a program to gift someone who is going through a challenging time and could use the healing medicine of an artdoll or handmade piece created with lovingkindness and healing intentions.

What is required?

Simply fill in the questionnaire provided.

A few stories will become heArtdolls. Most stories will be energetically translated into a decorated fabric or other creative piece to be used as a healing intention.

All stories will be read, cherished and held deeply sacred.

My style tends to be primitive, organic, textured, metaphorical, primal, and offbeat with human and non human representations.

Please be aware of this when you are considering the recipient as this aesthetic may not be a match for everyone.

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