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Human Design

is an amazing system that offers you information about aspects of your personality and practical guidance for accessing your own inner wisdom. Knowing this information and being to use your body as a reliable resource, empowers you to make decisions about your life that are right for you, so that you can: Live in High Definition!


We are all beautifully and magnificently designed to Live in High Definition!  

When we live in high definition, we:
  • Have greater clarity about who we really are. 
  • Demonstrate a greater quality of life.
  • Become increasingly aware of our unique gifts. 
  • Move more fully into alignment with our true self and our life purpose.
  • Feel greater love, self-worth, inspiration, ideas, value, intuition, and empathy in us and more easily express these qualities out into the world. 
When we live in high definition, we can experience a deeper sense of satisfaction, success, peace and joy in all areas of our life!   

Human Design (HD) offers you a whole new way to understand yourself, as well as others. HD reveals your unique design, helps you reconnect with your authentic self, and offers you an way to live in higher definition so that you can experience even more love, compassion and acceptance for yourself and others.  

What does Human Design offer me?

HD helps you make sense of your life by:
  • Revealing information about who you really are.
  • Revealing areas that are vulnerable to conditioning by others.
  • Increasing your self-awareness, self-love and acceptance.
HD gives you direction for your life by giving you:
  • A reliable way to make decisions.
  • Information about how to tap into your own inner wisdom.
  • Your life purpose.
  • How to attract more of what you want in your life.
HD helps you improve your relationships:
  • Understand that the way people express themselves is not personal to you.
  • Gives you information about how to successfully interact with various different types of people.
  • Helps you positively guide your children and assist them in developing self-esteem.
  • Help you understand and address your children's behavior in a positive way.

Plus much more!

What is the Human Design System?

The HD system was founded by Ra Uru Hu and is based on the 
synthesis two types of science; ancient systems and contemporary disciplines. 

Ancient systems: Astrology, Chinese I'Ching, Kabalistic Tree of Life

Contemporary disciplines:  Quantum mechanics, astronomy, genetics and biochemistry

How is my Human Design determined?
The synthesis
 of the above systems reveals your unique electromagnetic design in the form of a BodyGraph Chart and is based on your birth date, time of birth and place of birth.

The position of the planets, at the time of your birth and approximately 3 months before you were born, have different influences on your life and activate different gates within the HD System.  These different gates represent different aspects of personality. Depending upon which gates are activated and their relationship to other activated gates, electromagnetic connections are made giving even more definition to your unique design and can be seen on the BodyGraph Chart. 

How do I get my Human Design BodyGraph Chart?
You will find a contact form at the bottom of this page.  Fill in the information on the form and I will send you a printout of your BodyGraph Chart.  

What do I need to know to begin using this information in the chart?
Although HD is a very complex system, with layers and layers of information. I have developed a simple and practical way to understand and apply the information to your life.  I call this your Personal GPS for Success.

What will my Personal GPS do for me?
Just like a GPS in the car, your personal GPS i
s a reliable way for you to make decisions that help you navigate your life so that you can move towards your dreams.  It contains the information from the HD system that you need to know so that you can begin making changes right away.  It's simple to understand once you have the necessary information.  You will probably recognize times in your life when things worked out well for you because you were intuitively following your GPS, but not aware of the elements that made it so successful.  These elements are explained in your GPS for Success.

When you know your personal GPS you will understand how to make decisions that will work for you and why other peoples strategies don't work for you.  It's simply a matter of design!   

Your Personal GPS is based on your unique  Human Design.  Once you have your GPS, you will have a consistent understanding of how to move in your life.  You will learn to how to recognize, if and when to act on an opportunity based on your personal GPS. Many of us have been conditioned to believe ideas about ourselves and the world that are based on other people's beliefs.  But, because we are all unique, other people can only advise you from what they've come to believe is "right" based on their own experience and conditioned beliefs.  When you have your personal GPS you will know how to access your own inner wisdom, guidance that is dependable, reliable and "right" for you.  

How do I get my Personal GPS?
There are several ways to get your Personal GPS:
Your BodyGraph Chart contains layers and layers of information.  To make the process as simple as possible so that you can begin using the information right away, the starting place is your Personal GPS for Success.

A fun way to learn more about your Personal GPS is attend an HD - GPS for Success Workshop.

Fill in the contact form below, press Submit and I'll send you a free copy of your Human Design BodyGraph Chart, generally within 24 hours, and information about how you can learn more about your Human Design.

Date of Birth:
* Time of Birth:
Including AM or PM 
i.e. 7:04 pm
Country of Birth: 
if other than USA:
City of Birth:
State of Birth:
Name of HD Workshop Hostess: 
(if applicable)
  Please send me information about how to attend the GPS for Success Workshop

* If you don't know the Time of Birth, you can call the Village Hall or Town Hall where you were born and they may be able to tell you how to obtain this information.
   Put a ? in the box for the time if you don't know the time as it may still be possible to figure out your GPS.

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