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All of our Bodymind methods offer you the opportunity to expand self-awareness as well as environmental awareness (everything and everyone other than us) thus opening up our world and bringing us new opportunities!  Click HERE to go directly to a list of the methods we offer. 


Bodymind is the word we use to symbolize and communicate the totality of each person; their body, mind, emotions, and spirit. 

The brain and body are often separated and referred to individually.  The brain is actually a vital organ of the body along with the other vital organs such as the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and pancreas.  All of these vital organs are extremely important.  All of these vital organs are connected to systems in the body that work with each other and are necessary to sustain life.  Therefore, the word body in bodymind, includes our wonderful brain as well as all other parts of our body.

Also, some people use the words brain and mind interchangeably.  As we stated above, the brain in a very vital organ of the body.  The mind is generally referred to as human consciousness; the thinking, feeling aspects of self.  The mind is related to and greater than our bodies.  Therefore, the word mind in bodymind, includes
human and higher consciousness.

We put these two words, body and mind together into one word, bodymind, because it more accurately represents the "whole" of the dynamically interconnected, inter-relationaltruly inseparable, various parts of self.  As we know from Aristotle's very famous quote, "The whole is greater than the sum its parts".  Like a wonderful, aromatic, delicious cake is much greater than the sum of its parts, who we are is much greater than the sum of our parts.  We are not even aware of the whole of who we truly are!  Our body is a wonderful access point to begin to discover and uncover the magnificence of who we truly are.  Our body is the home of our mind, emotions and spirit which are all dynamically integrated and vital for healthy, enjoyable whole living, which is your birthright!  


Our methods can help expand self-awareness as well as environmental awareness (everything and everyone other than us) thus broadening our world and bringing us new opportunities! 

In any given moment we can only be aware of limited parts of self, whatever we are experiencing in that moment has an effect on the whole of who we are, which is truly inseparable. For example, when you are talking to someone, you are consciously aware of what you're saying and at the same time your body is producing molecules of emotions and sensations that you may or may not be aware of. Much of this is on an unconscious level because our conscious bodymind can only process a small amount of information in a given moment, while our unconscious bodymind can process enormous amounts of information about what's happening inside of us as well as what we are experiencing from the other person we are talking to and the environment we're having that conversation in. Although what we can consciously be aware of in that moment is limited, our bodymind is registering it all! All of our methods help us access the unconscious information that we are registering and translate it into language we can understand so that we can use it to make the changes we desire. If our life was a cake, what we are trying to do is bake a magnificent cake without all the ingredients that would make it a truly satisfying desert. 

Every person is unique!  We share experiences and similarities and we also have differences and preferences.  What works well for one person doesn't necessarily work for someone else.  Choose or try out the methods that are a match for you.  Many people also find a combination of these methods helpful.

All of our methods:

  • Honor the uniqueness of each individual.
  • Offer you relief from stress.
  • Recognize the totality of each person: their bodymind (body, mind, emotions and spirit). 
  • Provide a safe environment to experience yourself and your life differently.    
  • Heighten your awareness so that you can update your template.
  • Support tapping into your inner wisdom.
  • Help you uncover who you truly are and what you really want.  
  • Give you the reliable guidance you need to move in the direction you want to go.

We believe:

  • We were meant to enjoy our lives.
  • The path to change can be through pleasure.
  • Each step you take, even the ones that feel small, count.
  • Laughter is healing and necessary.
  • It is never too late to connect with and follow your dreams.

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method ®: 

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method (RSM) is an alternative healing method that uses gentle listening touch and talk to bring into awareness the unconscious innate wisdom of your bodymind.  It is based on 18 principles, one of which is, the path to change can be through pleasure.  Free from judgement and criticism, heightened awareness teaches you the language of your body and the messages held within.  When your body is listened to in this way, tension melts and you can experience relief, connection and the ability to move with greater ease, freedom and happiness.  To learn more about The Rubenfeld Synergy Method click on the tab above.

ARTbundance™ Coaching:

Artbundance Coaching uses a creative and easy process to tap into your inner knowing for resolution and transformation.  It is based on 9 Artbundance Principles that can bring greater harmony into your life.  To learn more about Artbundance Coaching click on the tab above. 

Tapping (EFT):  

Tapping (EFT) is a technique that balances disruptions in the energy system of the body by tapping on specific points along the meridians (the energy channels of the body).  All negative emotions are thought to be a disturbance in the energy system of the body.  By focusing on the negative emotion while tapping on the points, the disruption is cleared, your body feels calmer and you can experience relief.  This technique can be easily learned and you can use it throughout the day whenever you need. To learn more about Tapping click on the Tapping tab above.   

Human Design:

Human Design (HD) is a system that synthesizes ancient disciplines with contemporary science.  HD reveals many layers of valuable information that gives you a reliable way to make decisions for your life that are based on your own unique design. This sophisticated and intriguing system can help you understand and accept yourself and others in a whole new way.  It can help you create a path that offers directions and reconnects you to your authentic self so that you can: Live in High Definition!  To learn more, click on the HD tab above. 





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