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Tapping, based on The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is a simple, easy and quick way to manage (decrease and release) unwanted emotions such as anxiety, stress, fear and worry. When we are filled with these emotions, we don't have access to the part of our brain that thinks clearly, helps us to feel safe and can solve problems. We don't even have access to what we know. It's like that wise rational part of us went on vacation and left us home alone! We end up saying things to ourselves like, what's wrong with me, I should know better, or nothing will ever change, just to name a few. We may even try repeating positive affirmations to no avail. We end up feeling drained and defeated. The sooner we can stop this downward spiral of negative self talk and unwanted emotions, the better. Tapping is a great solution. It is quick and effective.

We use tapping to acknowledge what we are currently feeling and then to move to a better feeling place. Once we are free from the hold the negative emotions have on us, then we can begin the process of moving towards those great feeling thoughts offered through positive affirmations. With each round we tap our way out of the negative emotion, into relief and pave a path to what we want to feel and what we want in our lives.  This is a process, not an instant cure.  However, in all my tapping experiences, the people I’ve worked with have all been able to very quickly move out of the negative emotions they felt stuck in, and into relief.  Once in a calmer state, possibilities have the space to come forward.

Tapping was originally created to dissipate negative emotions and is a wonder tool for discharging those emotions.  It’s been my desire to help people do that and then to also connect with how they want to feel and what changes in their life would help them feel that way.  So, there is a path out of what you don’t want and into what you do want.  The ability to shift your focus to what you do want also creates the space for new opportunities to come to you so that you can step into them.

Let’s look at it this way.  If negative emotions are like unwanted guests taking up residence in your home, eating your food, taking up much of your time and energy, engaging you in unwanted dialogue and your believe you have to allow this because there is no way to stop them or get them out, then they aren’t going anywhere.  If much of your time and energy is focused on cleaning up after them, engaging in a dialogue with them while you are trying to get them out the door, then you aren’t going anywhere.  When you can disengage from the struggle of trying to get them out the door or reason with them, and you switch your focus from them to you, by acknowledging that you know they’re there but you switch your time, your energy and your effort into getting yourself ready to leave and you go out the door, you are now away from the hold they had on you and into an open space with unlimited possibilities.  The more you focus on those possibilities and feel the relief and excitement they bring, the more happiness you’ll feel and you will be building a reserve of good feelings and thoughts.  Those unwanted guests will automatically move on because they can no longer feed off of you!

FAQ’s, frequently asked questions, about Tapping (EFT):

What does a typical session look like?
A typical session is done seated in a chair. A SUDS score is established, which is simply a number from one to ten that estimates your level of discomfort. This is important to know so that we can ensure that the tapping phrases are helping to relieve your discomfort. You will be taught the tapping sequence which includes a set-up phrase and various tapping points, most of which are on your face. These points are along the different meridians of the body, the same channels used by acupuncturists. However, there are no needles! You gently tap with two or more fingers on these points as you repeat various words and statements about what you are feeling. If you are in distress, we would just begin the process and the learning would happen later. What is most important is bringing relief. This relief can happen very quickly. Once you learn the tapping sequence and set-up phrases, you can do it on your own, anytime you need to and anywhere (with some modifications depending on where you are).

How long is a session?
A session generally is one hour however, since everyone is unique and needs vary; the time can be adjusted according to your needs.

Why would I need to learn tapping and how long would I need to do it?
Tapping is a wonderful tool that has quick results and you can tap on your own whenever you need to stop an unwanted negative emotion. You tap until you experience the desired relief. Generally several sequences will help you to feel better. It has been my experience that tapping always is effective, if it feels like it isn’t working it’s because the set-up phrase or chosen words do not accurately reflect what’s going on for you in the present moment. It is recommended that you practice tapping several times a day. It brings on a calming effect, even when you are feeling good. Also, the more you use it the easier it is to use when you are distressed.

Why would I need to see a practitioner for tapping?
Tapping is a wonderful tool to use with quick results. Sometimes you are really clear about what you are feeling and where it’s coming from. Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what’s going on because many of our emotions are based on experiences, beliefs, and sensations that we may not even be aware of. A practitioner can help you identify what’s underneath your distress in your emotions, sensations and beliefs. When you have clarity, then these negative emotions can be released. 

Can this work be done over the phone or does it have to be in person?
Yes! Tapping can be very effective over the phone.

Can tapping be done with a group?
Yes. We have designed what we call, “TapAware Parties”! Similar to other home parties, you gather together a group of your friends and you can all learn to TAP together. TapAware parties are a lot of fun and a great way to learn tapping. Also, if a friend learns to tap, then you can practice and tap with each other.





















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