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Somatic Therapy

Our body is the home of our thoughts, feelings and our spirit.  Somatic Therapy is a gentle and powerful method that combines touch and talk to help people access the wisdom of their body.

heArt Dolls

My artdolls are handcrafted Spirit dolls.   They are heartfelt and soul filled messengers.

Human Design

HUMAN DESIGN is an amazing system based on ancient wisdom and contemporary disciplines that reveals your unique energetic design. HD gives you a reliable way to make decisions that are in alignment with your authec self.


Tapping, based on The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is a simple, easy and quick way to manage (decrease and release) unwanted emotions such as anxiety, stress, fear and worry.


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Evolution Report

Discover the effect the celestial weather has on us all. 

About Us

Experience and Professionalism

Chris and Lorie offer years of experience as bodymind therapists offering a variety of methods to help people connect to the wisdom of their body for the guidance they seek.

Somatic Therapy

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heArt Doll Blessings

What is an Art Doll?   

An art doll is a kind of sculpture; an art object for your home, like a painting. Like any original art, it is handmade by an artist, and is as individual as a painting.    An art doll is often referred to as "one of a kind “or OOAK.    An art doll is intended as an expressive and unique art object.    An art doll is not a child’s toy. It is delicate and needs care in handling.   Art doll artists use a wide variety of styles and media. Some are abstract or tribal, while others are realistic. Materials include polymer clay, cloth, wire and various embellishments like beads, feathers, rocks and wood.

What are Spirit Dolls or Healing Dolls?    

Spirit dolls or healing dolls are an ancient tradition. These figures have been used in ritual and for healing for thousands of years. They are used to remind and influence the owner with a specific spiritual quality.   Spirit dolls can represent spiritual qualities like peace, hope or courage. They can also be used to aid the owner through a difficult time or to celebrate a special event.   Spirit dolls can be made using found objects from the commercial and /or natural world.  Spirit dolls can be created by anyone using simple doll making techniques or by more experienced doll makers as gifts and for purchase.

What is "heArtDoll Blessings"? 

 HeArtdoll Blessings is a collection of spirit artdolls that were inspired as a way of healing through a difficult time in my life.   Each artdoll was created with a particular intention to reflect a spiritual quality. They each have a blessing to enhance the experience of the quality that I invite the viewer to consider.   My artdolls are all ooak. They are made of polymer clay, paperclay, wire, cloth and embellishments. I use quilting and layering techniques to fashion the clothes the artdoll wears. Hand sewing and beading adorns many of the outfits.  I consciously co-create with Spirit to make manifest a heartfelt and soul stirring heArtDoll. My heArtDolls represent my personal yet universal experiences of life and living.   It is my deepest intention and wish that heArtDoll Blessings soothe, inspire and help others connect with that in them that is good, loving, loved and Divine.

Human Design

We are all beautifully and magnificently designed to Live in High Definition

When we live in high definition, we: 

  • Have greater clarity about who we really are.  
  • Demonstrate a greater quality of life.
  • Become increasingly aware of our unique gifts.  
  • Move more fully into alignment with our true self and our life purpose. 
  • Feel greater love, self-worth, inspiration, ideas, value, intuition, and empathy in us and more easily express these qualities out into the world.

When we live in high definition, we can experience a deeper sense of satisfaction, success, peace and joy in all areas of our life!

Human Design (HD) offers you a whole new way to understand yourself, as well as others. HD reveals your unique design, helps you reconnect with your authentic self, and offers you an way to live in higher definition so that you can experience even more love, compassion and acceptance for yourself and others.

HD helps you make sense of your life by: 

  • Revealing information about who you really are. 
  • Revealing areas that are vulnerable to conditioning by others. 
  • Increasing your self-awareness, self-love and acceptance.


Tapping was originally created to dissipate negative emotions and is a wonder tool for discharging those emotions.  It’s been my desire to help people do that and then to also connect with how they want to feel and what changes in their life would help them feel that way.  So, there is a path out of what you don’t want and into what you do want.  The ability to shift your focus to what you do want also creates the space for new opportunities to come to you so that you can step into them.

Evolution Report

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